Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Speed class benefits

Tonight's speed workout was an upside down ladder - long to short intervals. I felt energized going into the workout because I felt well rested from a decent night's rest and last week's relatively low mileage. Here's a breakdown of this evening's workout from my Garmin 405:

2 mile interval ~ 12:44
- mile 1.02: 6:33
- mile 2.04: 6:11

1 mile interval ~ 6:15
- mile 1.02: 6:15

2 x 600 meters
- interval 1: 1:41
- interval 2: 1:35

When I started doing these NYRR speed classes earlier in the year, I remember my previous best for the 2 mile interval was 12:58. My time tonight was a nice improvement, and my max HR was only 183, which means that I confirms my feeling during the run that I could have pushed harder. I did the 1 mile interval a little slower because I didn't want to be bumped up to the group ahead. The last 600 was a lot of fun because I started off in the back, starting about 5 seconds after the group, and I had to chase everyone down. Tonight was probably the most fun I'd had doing speed workouts in a while. Anyways, I'm hoping this improved efficiency will translate to a Boston qualifying time on Nov. 2.

On a side note, half the group went to see David Blaine hanging upside down at Wollman Rink. I guess it's his next publicity stunt.

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