Thursday, July 8, 2010

Insanity - Day 1

I now understand why some friends used to call me swimming pool. After this workout, it wasn't just a puddle on the mat.

Insanity workout 1 was a cardio/plyo circuit. Wore a heart rate monitor to stay honest and saw it go up to the high 170's repeatedly towards the end of each circuit. That's my heart rate when I'm running hard repeats. It might have gone higher, but I was too exhausted to check.

The interesting about this video is that as a runner, my cardio and physical movements know how to behave when my heart rate is that high. I've adapted to an efficiency at the 80% max HR when running, so it doesn't feel as hard. When I'm doing other activities though, be it cycling or this Insanity workout, 170's and anything higher feel much tougher. But I guess that's good so I learn how to employ the rest of me in non-running extremes.

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