Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Short(ish) Long Run, Then Off To Vacation!!

Here's my holiday training weekend wrap: Did about 14 miles Saturday morning at about an avg of 7:45 pace, then took off for New Jersey with my wife to stay at a friend's place. Went running for an easy 4 miles today just to stay loose. In between, we did a whole day of shopping at Woodbury Commons on Sunday, and ate great food at every opportunity. Even better, it was with terrific company. To say the least, I had a great Labor Day weekend. With this binge of a weekend and a recovery week behind me, I have to prepare for my longest week for this training season so far. I should cover about 52 miles or so this week, with a 22+ mile run on Saturday.

I forgot to mention that one final thing that I'm really excited about is that I finally placed an order for my laptop. An HP HDX model! Woohoo! I've been waiting the last 3 weeks or so to order because I felt that I should wait until Labor Day weekend to place the order. It's a good thing I did because I received a free upgrade to a Blu-ray disc drive. :-)

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