Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't You Ever Stop?

That's what a woman at Central Park told me yesterday as I was jogging with a friend. She had seen me jogging in downtown during the lunch hour, and I'm guessing she's seen me out there more than once. It did make me feel good to hear that :-)

So I did run twice yesterday, traversing a total of about 15 miles, but 3 of those were walking with a friend. Regardless, I'm not as tired as I expected to be today. What's making me tired is the gross amount of food I had for lunch...spinach salad, lots of pasta for this weekend, slice of chicago style pizza with gr. beef topping and a brownie for dessert with a pint of milk. Eating is definitely one of the favorite things I love about running so much. I'll probably take off today to go on a date with my wife, do an easy run tomorrow during lunch, and then do 22+ this Saturday. That should bring me to about 52+ this week. Woohoo!

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