Sunday, November 21, 2010

Race Report: Philadelphia Half Marathon

This race was all about grit to break 1:30 for the first time in a half marathon. And I feel like I almost sabotaged myself...
  • enjoyed way too much of a late dinner the night before
  • depending on maintenance running in favor of hard training
So when the race started, I knew I just had to go and get it. Drawing on my Pain to Paine trail half, I figured I could maintain the same hard effort for the distance but with a better time on a street course. My Garmin mile splits and thoughts along the course were as follows.
  1. 6:47
  2. 6:37
  3. 6:47
  4. 6:53
  5. 6:48
  6. 6:41 - First 5 miles done at above goal pace. Let's see if I can keep this going. Latched on to 3hr pacer who was slightly ahead of pace.
  7. 6:23 - Great crowds along Chestnut provided lots of energy. Good to bank time.
  8. 6:50 - Slight uphill took an effect.
  9. 6:34
  10. 6:51 - Left bending uphill seemed never ending. Needed to use arms to get up the hill.
  11. 6:31
  12. 6:41 - Time to get going, but not much left in the tank.
  13. 6:45 - WTF? Why is this mile taking so long? And where is the finish line??
  14. 2:03 (.33 miles)
Garmin time: 1:29:11
Official finish: 1:29:12

My previous personal best was 1:31:45 this past January. I felt like 1:30 was mine for the taking today after the Boston training and the maintenance work I've continued in the past few months. I just had to not be afraid to go out and get it. I kept that in mind in the last couple of miles. It wasn't easy, but I didn't expect it to be.