Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NYRR Workout

Tonight's NYRR workout consisted of 2 x 2 mile repeats around the lower loop of Central Park, starting from Columbus Circle and finishing at the NYC marathon finish at Tavern on the Green. I tried my best to keep going on the "take it easy this week" theme, and I think I did for the better part. Tried to go 7 mins/mile pace, but it was hard to stay back once the group took off. I ended up sprinting the last 100m towards the uphill at Tavern for each repeat for the strong finish and increased heart rate. Here are my breakdowns:

2.5m @ 22:01
- warmup run to PS 81 to meet NYRR group
1.49m @ 14:53 - easy jog to Columbus Circle
1.02m @ 6:50 - 1st mile of 2
1.01m @ 6:20 - 2nd mile
.34m @ 4:52 - easy walk/jog rest period back to Columbus Circle
2.03m @ 13:35
- forgot to click at mile 1, but I was chatting with a friend so I'm guessing we were doing about 6:55 or so.
2.63m @ 25:43 - easy cool down jog around lower loop and slow jog home

Last time we did this workout, I did the two repeats at 13:01 and 12:58. While those times were certainly faster, I don't feel I would have had a problem with those times had I pushed. But again, I'm not into pushing this week. It's seemingly taking more discipline to hold back than it does to keep pushing.

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