Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My 09 NYC Marathon Training Calendar

Finally put together my training calendar for this year. Haven't followed one since I first started training around the turn of the millennium. Even then, it wasn't my own. I do remember though, the gist of the training. Check it out on Google docs:

I'm not exactly a stickler for structured training. I would much rather have a guide for every week, and that's how I've put together my calendar. The green days are speed workout days. Yellow days are discretionary, which means I can do whatever my body feels like doing that day. One orange days are for recovery, and one weekend day for a long run.

As I go through each week, I'll be filling out my activities. I already keep track on beginnertriathlete.com, but I like seeing the color-coding to remind me what I have to do. I'm going to try to replicate my training earlier this year for the NJ marathon where I BQ'ed. I did shorter training mileage, but kept the long runs (an absolute must!). The faster time, I believe, was a result of doing more speed training throughout the week. Last year, I was doing it only once per week.

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