Monday, July 6, 2009

Coming Around

No matter how hard I try to fight it or deny it, every year I reach a period of not wanting to run. My miles are not as enjoyable and my efforts laborious. I think this most recent bout is finally, thankfully, coming to an end.

My mileage the last several weeks have been in the low to mid 20's. Speed workouts have been only once/week. No long runs. To mix things up, I've been biking, strength training and stretching.

But today, I felt like I finally started to turn the corner. Not because I went running, because I didn't. I just started to miss running again. For that reason, I decided to not run today. I want to feed the drive so I start to itch and feel the drive again. I'm going to deny myself for another couple of weeks then start marathon training.

And I'm pretty sure I'll be really eager.

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