Monday, July 13, 2009

Inactive Weekend

On the workout front, this is the first weekend I've done nothing in Lord knows how long. Funny thing is, I didn't miss it. I've been in Philly and in central New Jersey this weekend for my best man's wedding and wedding related activities, and while I did think of going for a run this morning, it never got past that. Instead, I napped, ate, and napped some more. I still wonder if I can ever completely let go and not care. Maybe next summer, after the Boston.

The NYC marathon is on Nov. 1, which leaves me about 3 1/2 mo's. I started seriously training for the NJ marathon when the calendar turned February, which gave me just about 3 months. My rationalization is that I'm at a better starting point now than I was in February, so it was okay to completely take off this weekend. I do have to start training for the NYC half marathon next month though.

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