Sunday, July 26, 2009

Easy Morning Run, Great Day

Enjoyed a great day today. Started off with an easy morning run around the Central Park reservoir, and that wasn't even any where near my favorite part of the day. Sara finally got me out to paddle an outrigger canoe with New York Outrigger. Even though it was on the Hudson, it was a great experience to be out on open water again. We went for about 1.5 miles shoulder burning miles, and the burn wasn't from the sun either. It's a terrific upper body workout and a great change of pace from running. Working out under the hot sun always stirs up a good appetite, so we had an unexpectedly tasty brunch at Smorgas Chef. After a couple of hours of eating, relaxing and talking, we had a nice walk home. Felt like we were dating all over again :-)

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