Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Most Memorable Long Run

Had a truly memorable long run in the park this evening. Except for the relative warmth and humidity, it started off rather unassumingly. Part of me wished I had run in the morning because it was cooler and I could've spectated the NY triathlon. But things turned out for the better.

I endured the first 6 miles of ~95% humidity and 83F. In a matter of minutes, the skies opened up. And I mean O P E N E D. Crackling thunder, lightning, and torrential flow from the heavens. At one point, the rain was so thick I couldn't see past 100 yards. Heading up Harlem Hill had the surreal feeling of running upstream on moving ground. At one point, I thought there was a low-flying chopper directly overhead only to realize it was crackling thunder. It felt so close a lady running ahead of me jump startled. It was perfect running weather. I thought the only thing missing was my wife to enjoy the downpour with me. :-)

The rain finally subsided after 4-5 miles. What started off as a soupy, muggy run turned out to be one of the favorite runs I've ever had here in NY.

Now if I could only get my ipod working again.

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