Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NYRR Workout - 2mi | 1mi | 600m intervals

Tonight's workout were three intervals of decreasing distance but increasing intensity - 2 miles, 1 mile, then 600 meters. All the intervals were done at the Central Park lower loop and finished at the NYC marathon finish at the Tavern on the Green, which means an uphill finish after rolling slopes.

My splits were as follows:

2 miles - mile 1: 6:37 | mile 2: 6:24
1 mile - 6:10
600m - 1:39

The 2 miler was at a relatively nice quick pace until we got to the 600m mark. From there, I tried to pick it up and run past this one other (tall) runner whose name I do not know, but I couldn't do it. I passed him briefly, then he took off.

The 1 miler was more fun. Jaime decided to drop down to our group from the faster group. I hope to be running with his group sometime this session. Anyway, we took the first 1/2 mile at about 6:35 pace, but again starting at about the 600m mark at Columbus Circle, I decided to pick him off. He got a head a little bit, but I was determined not to be passed again. On the uphill with about 150m to go, I pushed past him and tried to clear. However, at about 30m, I heard some furious steps coming at me and I knew it had to be him. I was able to stay just ahead of him, but man, that hurt. I pushed so hard I thought my forearms were about to cramp up. I think I now better understand why sprinters bulk up. It's all about power.

The last 600m was harder than I thought. The first 75m felt easy, then all of a sudden, I felt like I was going to fall apart. It took a lot of concentration and strength to not spill on to the pavement. I think my arms were wildly flailing towards the finish. I think 1:39 was actually a good time considering the previous two intervals.

What definitely helped me mentally for this workout was the Tabata intervals and the inverted ladder intervals I've done on the treadmill. I was able to draw back on those workouts and knew what I could expect from my body.

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