Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tapering activities - 1k crunches/day and a revised diet

While I'm tapering for the NJ marathon, I thought I'd get even more disciplined about my conditioning. Since I'm reducing miles, I wanted to do the 1000 crunches (various positions) per day again. Luckily I have friends at work who were willing to join me in the endeavor. In addition, I've decided to cut out desserts until the carbo-loading.

The 1000 crunches per day isn't hard. I'm willing to endure the pain. I've even added push-ups, stretches, etc, to add variety. What I'm having a hard time with is cutting out the desserts. Those that know me know I have an incurable sweet tooth, having dessert after nearly every meal. Thankfully this goes for only another 8 days.

We'll see how these tapering activities help me out for the race. Obviously I'm hoping it'll carry me to a Boston qualifying time. When that happens, I guess I can stop documenting about my Boston marathon efforts.


JLot1981 said...

Best of luck to you in your upcoming quest for a BQ... how's the training program coming? Do you feel like you'll make it in NJ?

I have a blog called www.nycin310.com and believe it or not, I'm also trying to run a BQ although I'm giving myself a long time to work up to it (18 months). Anyway I have an idea... email me if you want to hear it.


DailyRunner said...

Thanks. I'll need a good sprinkling of luck in addition in NJ.

Just sent you email about your program.