Thursday, April 9, 2009

Race Anxiety

No, not for the NJ marathon, but for the Scotland Run 10k. There's no other race that makes me want to quit in the middle of it like a 10k. The Scotland 10k is a clockwise loop, with mile 2.75 - 4 is uphill and grade inclines. I imagine it'll be rough. I think what makes me most anxious is that I'm hoping to best a 6:40 pace. I'm not sure I'm capable of sustaining that for 10k on this course, but I really want to do it. I think if I can do that for 6 miles, I might have enough kick over the last 600m or so to try and break 40. The flip side of this is that I totally crap out. To make matters more interesting, rain is also forecast for race morning.

I guess there's no point in overthinking the race. What happens will happen. I've trained honestly so at this point, I just have to trust my preparation.

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