Monday, April 27, 2009

One Week To Go

One week to the NJ marathon - where do I stand? Here's a current brain dump of my mental checklist of to do's and do not's:
  • Pacing - I think I should be okay here. I don't think I have a problem keeping a 7:25 pace throughout the race. The challenge will be the hydration.

  • Diet - I nearly made up for my lack of dessert this week in one night. My brother and his fiance are visiting. I can't NOT enjoy my time with them. I'll just have to be a little more diligent about my diet the first few days this week.

  • Mileage - About 3 miles short each week of my tapering mileage last fall for the NYC marathon, which I think should be okay because I have run lower mileage to train for this marathon.

  • Runs this week - Probably will do about 3, none of which will be more than 5 miles.

  • Challenges - Driving down to VA Beach and seeing family. These get together's, although lots of fun, always include eating unhealthy foods. Will have to find time to sneak in a run.

  • Other thoughts - Continue to stretch out this week and do crunches in a much lessened capacity.
I'm sure I've missed quite a few from this checklist, but that's all about I can come up with for now. Have to prepare for the road trip tomorrow after a long day eating and walking all around the city.

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