Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carbo loading...

Has begun. It's only Wednesday, but I figure I'll be running on Friday also, so it won't hurt. Want to make sure I pack my muscles with as much glycogen as possible for Sunday. I ate enough today to last an entire marathon on Friday. Sara made Chicken Assaggio for dinner. To add to the cookies I had at work today, I bought more baked goods from Amy's Bakery downstairs. I love living in the city. Everything I want seems just a block or two outside my door.

This entire season, I haven't really trained with gels. There were also at least a couple of times when I did 20+ milers without carbo loading and gels and I was able to last through both of them. That said, I know I still have to be smart about fueling during the race. I think the first 20 miles will be relatively easy. It's the last 6.2 that worries me.

On a totally unrelated note, I saw Sara on Lipstick Jungle tonight! She was in the background, but it's still pretty cool to see her on these shows :-)

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Bflogrrl said...

Your wife is on TV regularly? Do tell! I will have to watch for her.