Tuesday, October 21, 2008

13 Days and Counting

While I almost always love to go for a nice and easy run in Central Park, it's also nice to come home and know that I can enjoy the entire evening with my wife doing nothing. Briefly, here's what I did to enjoy my evening...

  • dinner
  • play Word Challenge
  • unsuccessfully tried to watch TV
  • 1050 crunches in between some web work
  • more web work
Interestingly, I ended doing more work than I had wanted. Hmmm....have to do this again and spend more time doing the right thing.

1 comment:

Bflogrrl said...

I wanted to tell you I think I am going to be in NYC the weekend of the race. My plans aren't final yet, but I am pretty sure I will be there. If I am, I will come to the race to cheer you on! Plus, I want to see it for myself, since I hope to do either the '09 or '10 race.

My race is in 5 days and I can't wait for it. I think I have officially become a true "runner" now, since I am actually excited about it and not intimidated. :-)