Friday, March 20, 2009

Thoughts About Tuesday's Workout

I've been thinking about the NYRR workout I had this past Tuesday and how it was such a pleasant surprise to stay with my group. Since I haven't even logged a 40+ mile week yet, the only things I've done differently this season is to concentrate more on core workouts and stretching. Usually, on the final repeat of any interval workout, I feel like I'm holding on to my running form for dear life. While the last interval was tough, I didn't have that feeling like I was going to collapse.

I ended up doing another speed workout yesterday - a Tabata set at the great lawn. Tonight, I didn't have a chance to run because we had dinner with a visiting friend, so I took the opportunity to do more core strengthening and stretching.

A couple of posts ago, I wondered what a quantifiable measure might be for a stronger core and flexibility. Over a mile distance, for me at this particular point in training, I'd estimate about 5-10 seconds.

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