Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Change of Heart for the Treadmill

Admittedly, I have never been a treadmill fan. In my 7 years of running, I've run in torrential rains (Hawaii) and freezing temperatures (NYC). This winter season though, in the last month alone, I've done four treadmill workouts. It's been a frigid winter and I have not felt motivated to run. What I've discovered for myself is that treadmill workouts are not that bad.....as long as it's interval training. I don't think I have the mindset to do a steady 45-60 mins on watching TV and waiting for time to pass. Broken up into sprint sessions, the workout is a lot more fun and productive. Tonight, I did inverted ladders as follows;

1 mile warmup @ 8:30
7 mins @ ~ 6:49 pace
3:30 break
6 mins @ ~ 6:44 pace
3:00 break
5 mins @ ~ 6:39 pace
2:30 break
4 mins @ ~ 6:30 pace
2:00 break
3 mins @ ~ 6:22 pace
1:30 break
2 mins @ ~ 6:15 pace
1:00 break
1 min @ ~ 5:45 pace
2 mins cooldown

It was a pretty decent workout. Next time I think I can push just a little more. Oh, and one other thing I like about treadmill workouts.......less laundry :-)

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