Sunday, March 22, 2009

How To Get Sick During Training

It's quite simple, I've learned. Stay up late. Mix it up with a bad diet, and ta da! You have successfully compromised your immune system! That's exactly what I did last week. I'd been feeling pretty good, but I decided to cap off my week with a filet-o-fish and angus burger at McDonald's for lunch. (I hadn't been there in years and I couldn't get that singing fish commercial from my mind). I followed that with cookies and chocolate covered pretzels. Just a little later, I had a severely scratchy throat, and I knew that was it. I spent the rest of the day drinking lots and lots of tea, pee'ing, eating fruits and trying to undo the damage to no avail. Idiot.

When I got home, I decided to ignore it and did some spin intervals on my bike trainer. I think I should have rested instead. So I decided to go to bed early (11pm) and didn't get up until I thought my throat was better (11am). Still sick. Later in the day, a friend comes over from NJ and decided he wants to get something good to eat (read: rich foods and dessert). I try to be a good host, so I can't resist.

What I was most worried about was my Sunday long run. I almost skipped it altogether today, but thankfully Sara was going also. She helped me get out the door. In the end, I did about 15.6mi. I probably could have labored to 18, but I think a recovery week is in order since I haven't done under 18 in a month.

Hopefully I'll be done with this head cold in a couple of days. My body doesn't feel so bad, but my head and sinuses are stuffy. I still also have not done a 40+ mi week yet, and I'm down to 6 weeks for the NJ marathon. I was hoping to do a couple of 60+ mi weeks before the event for mental (and physical) reinforcement, but it's looking unlikely.

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