Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why I've Been Bonking - P90X Day 8

This past weekend's long run and a couple of subsequent runs have set me back mentally in my marathon training. I don't recall struggling so much in a long run. Looking back, the things that changed were:
  • P90X routine
  • P90X diet
  • head cold
Of all those things, I'm guessing that the diet has affected my running the most. I've done weeks where I've had 2-3 2x/day workouts, but never changed the diet. I've always relied on calorie dense foods for the energy (read brownies, pastries, muffins, etc). I've agreed to cut that source of energy from my diet for 90 days but I have not replaced the calories. I've satisfied my hunger with a banana or a handful of almonds, but I'm not getting the calories. A banana is about 100 calories while pastries can run 5x-6x that. So starting tomorrow, I'm going to eat more. What a delightful problem.

The P90X workout today was a repeat of the chest and back workout. Last week, this workout absolutely kicked my butt. This time, it wasn't so bad. I was able to do a couple of extra reps for most of the sets. I also paced myself better, going moderate on the first half and maxing out in the second half. The workout flew by tonight, which was a nice change.

Also ran some 6.5+ miles today during lunch. This is my high mileage week before the taper, so I have to make sure to get the miles in as well. And tomorrow is plyometrics. Might be a pretty rough week.

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