Sunday, October 4, 2009

P90X Day 5 - Legs & Back

I was definitely fearful heading into today's legs and back session. I had a difficult nearly 17 miles long run this morning, and the P90X workouts can be demanding. Thank goodness it wasn't all legs.

As it turns out, the workout wasn't that bad. The nice thing about P90X is the instructor's insistence on "try your best, forget the rest." I gave what I could and surprised myself that I was able to last through the workouts. I probably could have worked out a little harder by going lower on lots of lunges, but I think I earned some slack from the morning run.

The back portion of the exercises included several sets of pull-ups. By the time I was done, I checked my log sheet and saw that I completed 89 pull-ups in various grips and widths. Just one off the most I've ever done in a workout session. I'm pretty sure I'll be surpassing that eventually. I paced myself better in this session as well. Wanted to make sure I had a decent amount of reps for the second round.

The legs and back were followed by another 15 mins of the ab ripper set. I still can't complete the whole thing without taking a break, but I feel I did better this time than the first couple of times.

So after only five days, I have to say that I'm impressed with the program thus far. It can be as easy as you want with minimal results, or hard as you want for better results. I'll be choosing the latter as often as I can. What I've appreciated most thus far is that the program has put me on a better diet regimen. No sweets for 5 days! :-) I'd forgotten how much better I feel without dirty energy.

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