Wednesday, October 7, 2009

P90X Day 8 - Plyometrics

This second week of P90X isn't nearly as hard as the first week. It may be because I didn't have a fit test where every exercise was to failure. Or it could be because I'm more familiar with the workouts now. One hour a day is pretty standard anyhow. I tried to do tonight's plyometrics video with more gusto than the first week so I could get my heart rate a little higher. I'm pretty sure I did because my quads were on fire. Frankly, I probably could have or should have gone for a run afterwards, but I'm doing two workouts again tomorrow so I took it easy.

Going back to yesterday's post, I made sure I ate more today. Had waffles and a peanut butter banana shake for breakfast. Some mixed nuts late morning. Fried chicken, potatoes and mac and cheese for lunch. Smoked almonds in the afternoon. Turkey burger and pasta for dinner. And finally an energy bar and a glass of milk late evening. I think that tips me over 3000, which is about right :-)

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