Friday, May 8, 2009

09 NJ Marathon photos from Brightroom

A few pictures of a wet and wild marathon...

Taken sometime during the 1st loop because I still have my Roctane's and salty bottle of water in hand.

I tried to smile whenever I saw a brightroom camera. Would have done a "shaka" if my hands were empty.

Around mile 23 or so, by the lake. The spirit is always willing at this point in the race, but the body isn't always in synch. This day, my body was in willing, manifesting in a fist pump.

Probably within the final quarter mile on the boardwalk. A full-out sprint of 7:15!! :-P

Definitely feeling good approaching the finish line. It's amazing how the body always feels sprite the last 50 meters of any race.

I was so eager to check that I beat 3:15 that I forgot to wave at the camera.

Clock time: 3:17:21
Watch time: 3:14:23
Official time: 3:14:24

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