Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Working Back Into Race Shape

Having been sick last week and not having done any speed workouts in a while (all year actually), I was nervous about doing a Tabata workout tonight. Instead of doing it on the main road, I decided to cut my mileage and just run at the Great Lawn. Once there, I stretched out for a couple of minutes, loaded Stricken, and bolted from my stationary position. Four minutes later, head about to explode, I nearly collapsed on the grass. Whew, what an awesome workout! The first couple intervals felt exhilarating. I'd forgotten that sprinting high. After that though, it was one interval closer to throwing up.

The first speed workout is always the hardest. I've done the same intervals on the stationary bike, but it's not the same as running on a track. I was surprised that I covered more distance than I expected. I don't think I'm any faster at this point in the year. Got to do a few more long runs and intervals at least a couple of times a week before I feel fully confident. That should also shed most of the winter weight I've gained. Thankfully it's been warmer this week. I'm starting to get excited about running again. It's been a long break!

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