Sunday, February 1, 2009

Good Start to February

I can't believe January 09 is already gone. It seems the older I get, the faster time goes by. That said, I try not to waste too much of my time when I have set goals for myself, and my current goal is to get back into decent running shape. I was shocked the other night when I stepped on my scale and saw a number I had not seen in over a couple of years. I knew I'd put on some weight but that was sort of a wake up call. This off season was the perfect storm of culinary excess induced by home vacationing and visiting friends and lack of physical activity.

Anyhow, I ran about 11.5 miles today. Thankfully I had a little bit of company running with JS for a couple of miles. Given that I've been feeling progressively sicker the last three days, I was surprised that I felt pretty good. My 5.5 miles yesterday felt harder than today's run. It may also have been due to the warmer weather today. I finished up with my favorite post long run treat - Acai smoothie at Jamba Juice. I can now relax the rest of the day and eat well during the super bowl :-)

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