Friday, February 20, 2009

Competitive Idiocy

So I had planned on an easy run in the park this evening, crossing over at 102nd St. for about 7 miles. As soon as I got into Central Park, that plan went out the door. As I entered CP Drive, a woman ran by who was running a nice brisk pace...probably about 7:45. I decided to run that pace about 50 yards back, but eventually passed her after a mile. About half a mile from 102nd, there was another jogger on the bridle path that was sort of keeping pace. She jumped on the road about 50meters from 102 and she decided to whiz by me as if to say "eat my dust." Maybe I was mistaken, but there definitely was an energy about the way she ran by and the proximity of her pass. Instead of turning at 102 as planned, I decided to chase her. She extended her lead going into the downhill towards Harlem Muir, but I didn't mind that so much. I figured at catch her going up Harlem Hill; and I did about halfway up. This time, it was my turn to blaze by her. I wanted to make sure I did what Harrison K. calls a terminal pass. It was empowering to almost sprint by her as she struggled up the hill. I didn't see much of her after that. For the rest of the way, I tried to pace a couple of guys in about 100m in front of me. In the end, my planned easy run turned out to be a pace run with hill sprints.

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