Monday, March 15, 2010

Two Different Long Runs

Last week, I was inspired by a YouTube video of Ryan Hall and Josh Cox doing 5:15-5:30min/mi at the end of a 30 mile long run. Consequently, I did a 20+ mile progression run that consisted of splits that were 15s-45s slower than my goal marathon pace (7:15). While I enjoyed the newness of the workout, it affected the rest of my training for the week. I had to lay off of meaningful speed workouts to for recovery.

This week, I ran~21.5 miles with friends at a nice and easy pace at about 100s slower than marathon pace. It was the complete opposite of last week's run. A couple of hours after the run, I actually felt I could go for another run. I can do some hard speed workouts this week without the heavy leg feeling.

Prior to last weeks progression run, I had always done my long runs at a very easy pace (mp + 60-90s) because it's what I've always known. But I think to continually improve as a runner, I need to mix in more long progression runs IN ADDITION to speed workouts throughout the week. The challenge and dilemma will be keeping my legs and body fresh enough to do both types of workouts. It might take some time to adjust.

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Caitlin said...

Are you a Boston Newbie? Me too. I am in the last month of training myself as this will be my third marathon and 1st Boston. Im terrified, especially since Im trying to set a new PR. Im glad I found your blog. Please visit mine: