Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Couple of Boston Training Setbacks

Experienced a couple of unexpected setbacks in the last couple of weeks, I guess as opposed to an expected ones.

First, my 22mi run on 3/14 caused some right foot problems that I did not address properly. The achilles tendon and right heel soreness post run I thought was just due to the long run. A couple of days later, I pushed on a 5 mile tempo run that made it worse. I've been icing it since. My most recent long run was cut to ~15mi because of the injury. It's only finally starting to get better and feel like I'm back on track for Boston. Thank goodness because this is my last week of hard training.

Second, I've been having headaches from what I thought was a toothache. I saw the dentist today and it has nothing to do with my teeth. I've inherently bad gums. I floss and brush my teeth daily, religiously, but that's no defense against bad genes. Felt bad for my wife today having to put up with my crankiness. I normally don't like to take any form of drugs, but I've had to surrender to ibuprofen so that I could exist comfortably. Got a pretty good hill workout scheduled tomorrow and I hope this won't get in the way.

3.5 wks to Boston!

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