Saturday, June 13, 2009

Run For The Sake Of It

I felt physically and mentally drained after Thursday's race. Even though I came up short of my goal, I was pleased with my effort. After digesting the experience, I came to realize that I really missed running. That is, running without the stress of time be it in racing or training. So that's what I did today.

The weather was perfect for a relaxing run; cool with some moisture. I was actually hoping for some rain to enjoy nature a little more :-) Within the park, I settled into a nice and easy pace. One of the best things about running in Central Park is that there's always others running. And that presents opportunities to chat with them along the way. Today, I met a 2:56 marathoner pushing his 17-mo. old twins in a stroller around the large loop. Meeting new people and talking along the miles has been one of my favorite past times here in NY, and I remembered that today because I wasn't training. I think I'm looking forward to marathon training again just so that I can enjoy the pavement again.

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