Monday, June 1, 2009

Race Report: 2009 Japan Day 4-miler - Final Thoughts

Post race thoughts always linger to the day after for me and I like to learn what I can in the hopes of getting better. Some of today's thoughts...
  • I'm very happy about 3 straight PR's, but...
  • I could have done the first mile faster with more time to warm-up
  • Even with Cat Hill, I think I could have done mile 3 faster
  • Try to start closer up front to mitigate traffic and weaving. Actual distance was 4.04mi yesterday, which added about 12-15 seconds to the race.
  • Still can't figure out how I ran 6:19 pace for 3.5mi in last year's corporate challenge. Yet, I feel faster this year.
  • Racing down hills to make up time will always hurt more the next day than running up hill
  • Not running 10k the day before as previously planned I'm sure helped keep my legs fresh
  • I'm enjoying taking time off from long runs for now

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