Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Day to Pain

Anyone that races a 5k knows the pain associated with the short distance. I don't look forward to short races. The 3.5mi JP Morgan Corporate Challenge is one of the most tormenting races I do. This will be the third year I'm doing it. Here's a brief recap of how I did the first couple of years.

Central Park qualifier: First mile (uphill!!) at 5:55. Lord I didn't know I could go that fast, much less climbing to the highest point of CP. As soon as I saw the timer at the mile 1 marker, I hurt all over. My 2nd mile was about 7:00. About a half mile later, I HAD TO STOP and walk, hurting my ego just as much. Finished at about 22:48 if I remember correctly.

Championship: Don't remember the exact time, but it was 22:xx. I remember about 75m from the finish I started to get tunnel vision. Another painful race.

Central Park qualifier: 6:15, 6:17, 6:33. Finished at 22:10. Don't know how I ran that fast, but hoping to repeat the effort tomorrow. Went out fast, tried to stay fast, and hung on for dear life really after 2.5 miles. Didn't field a championship team.

We'll see what 2009 brings. If I were wishing for an early Christmas present, it would be sub 22:00 finish. My goal miles tomorrow are 6:20, 6:20, 6:10, 2:55 (final 800m), but we'll see how the adrenaline flows. I'm still striving to do a final mile in a race at sub 6. Hopefully that'll happen tomorrow as well.

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