Friday, June 18, 2010

Corporate Challenge 2010

I dread this race every year, but this one wasn't too bad. In the end, I didn't hurt as much as I did last year, did not have the right side of my face or right shoulder pains at mile 3, and I did not almost slow to a walk at the finish. In fact, I was able to pick off about 12 runners at about the last 100meters with a sprint.

Garmin splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 6:19
Mile 2: 6:29
Mile 3: 6:38
Mile 3.5: 3:04
Total: 22:30 (6:25/mi)

OFFICIAL TIME: 22:33 (6:26/mi)

If those numbers on my watch were correct, I hit my goal right on the nose. Short of my PR by 20s, but I did not expect to PR today.

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