Monday, November 30, 2009

P90X - Day 60

Actually just finished Day 61. Nevertheless, haven't written about my progress in a while due to the usual reasons - work, work, and finally a vacation.

Took my 60 day progress pics yesterday. I think visual progress has been fairly minimal. It could be because I broke my P90X diet in Lanai (how can anyone turn down two complimentary surprise desserts from a Four Seasons resort??), but I think it's really because I was lean starting the process anyhow. Here are some of my measurements, and no, I don't think I'll post any photos:

  • Gained nearly 2" on my pecs, but I think most of that is from a wider back since that what I've seen in the photos. Definitely able to crank out much more push-ups and pull-ups now.
  • Lost nearly a couple of inches on my abs. Surprising considering these photos were taken post Thanksgiving, and I took a day off from the P90X diet as well.
  • Legs shrank a little, probably because I drastically cut down my mileage post NYC marathon.
  • Day 1 legs and back workout, did 89 various grip pull ups. Day 60, did 133 pull ups.
  • Day 1 chest & back, did 214 various position push ups. Day 56, did 334 push ups.
  • Start weight: 137.4 Current weight: 134.2 - my weight fluctuates between 133 to about 136 instead of 134 - 137. I think I actually have more muscle mass now.
29 days remaining in the program. I broke my diet while I was in Hawaii, but I'm back on it. I'm quite proud that I had not touched dessert for over 1.5 mo's before that. I can survive without it for another 30 or so days.

On another note, I bought my first pair of Newton running shoes today. I figure it's the best time to try out new shoes since it's the off season. Will be posting about it in upcoming days after I've broken them in.

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