Sunday, April 25, 2010

Final Boston Marathon Thoughts & What's Next

Just wanted to share some parting thoughts of quite possibly my favorite marathon to date:
  • Absolutely loved the people. Runners, hosts, volunteers and spectators all seemed to revel and enjoy their respective roles.
  • Tough course, but I think I can do better next time if I can qualify again. Not drinking enough water to cause the cramping was avoidable - rookie mistake.
  • This race seemed to go by really fast. If it weren't for the cramps, the last four miles easily could have been my most enjoyable.
  • I'm thankful that it made me eager to sign up for another marathon - soon. Most other races, I'd just be happy to have finished.
  • I'm glad I bought a 2010 Boston Marathon logo jacket.
  • My only gripe - too many runners walked along the water stations. I wish they would have moved aside to let other runners grab and go.
  • Finally, never will I do another ice bath. If it takes another 3 weeks to recover, so be it.

What's Next
Decided that I'd sign up for the Disney Marathon in January. I had so much fun in this course that I had initially wanted to sign up for a fall marathon. Luckily sounder action prevailed. I almost forgot I had other plans this year.

On a racing note, I think I've finally learned to race marathons. I believe this was my 9th marathon, and have only done the last three without stopping for a walk along water stations or from fatigue. It's not that my body is trained better, it's my mind that has expected and accepted what comes after mile 20.


Croughwell said...

I did Goofy in 2010. I like the marathon better then the half. The marathon runs through more of the parks. Good luck!

Maria said...

The mental game is where it's at, way to win that one!! Hope we're able to get out for more runs together with the others, we're neighbors after all ;)

JoeH said...

So, true (about learning to race marathons, rather than just run them). I only have 2 (one scored) under my belt. Hope to have my strategy down by the time I hit number 9 too!