Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boston Marathon Experience in Photos

I gave up (for now) trying to extract the images from MarathonFoto without the watermark. Here are some photos taken during marathon weekend...

Raise the roof!

Lucky #6865

Race day.............

Must stay off legs for as long as possible

This shot is two turns from the final left into Boylston St.

The best non-matching superman outfit ever! Seriously, it was just nice to get back into dry clothing after the race.

32-oz post marathon prime rib at Durgin-Park.

I think this better showcases the rib's size.


the most painful blister I've had since my first marathon....



JoeH said...

Oh my! Not sure which is more remarkable, the size of the steak or the size of that blister. Tell us, did you actually finish the steak in one sitting??

DailyRunner said...

Couldn't finish it. Too much flavorless meat in the middle.