Tuesday, September 29, 2009

P90X Day 1 Recap

The first workout absolutely kicked my a**. The workout consisted of various push-up stances and pull exercises - back and chest. Maybe I just paced myself badly, but my second round of workouts couldn't even produce half the reps I did in the first half. It was definitely a great workout.

My rep numbers were as follows:

Hardest exercises were definitely the diamond push-ups and the military push-ups. For the second round of pull-ups, I needed chair assistance to complete the sets. Embarrassing.

As far as the diet's concerned, no sweets today or for the next 89 days. Got in most of my portions of protein, carbs, fruits, vege's, etc.

Tomorrow, I'm going to have to mix in at least a 5 mile run somehow with the day two plyometrics workout.


Bflogrrl said...

You are doing P90X?? I love Tony Horton! I've done a couple other videos of his but not P90X. I can't wait to hear/see your results and what you think of the program. Good luck!

DailyRunner said...

Yep, doing P90X. It's going to be tough over the next 5 wks because of marathon training, but will try to tough it out. :-)