Sunday, August 16, 2009

Active Summer Weekends

Over the past few years especially since moving from Hawaii, many of my weekends have consisted of running...then running some more. It's not as easy to jump in the ocean for a swim or go out for an easy bike ride in the middle of Manhattan. But the past few weekends have been active in ways other than running. And I've definitely enjoyed it a lot more.

I've been getting more into canoe paddling lately. The past few Saturday's, I've gone paddling on the Hudson by Chelsea Piers, and it's knocked me out every time once I got home. It's a total body workout...legs, core, back, shoulders...merciless if you work honestly. The last couple of Sunday's, I have enjoyed 55 mile bike ride to Nyack and today, the NYC Half Marathon with my wife.

Speaking of which, I have no doubt I enjoyed it a lot more running with her than if I were to push for time. I didn't particularly care what the time was. I enjoyed the course a lot more, and there was an energy at the back of the pack that I've missed. There was an honest excitement about discovering the love of running, which I'm sure I'll find again. In the meantime, I'm just looking to enjoy one active weekend after another while the days are warm.

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