Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year!

I know. I'm 10 days late, but it's okay. It's right in sync with the rest of me so far this year. To briefly explain that, I had two great weeks in Hawaii and have had a hard time transitioning back to the cold. It wasn't so bad the first couple of years I was here because it was new. Now I understand why people move to warm climate.

I haven't made any entries in about a month because, well, this blog is about running, and I haven't been running much. I had not felt like running. The calendar images attest to that. Add a sore right foot to the mix and I just decided to basically shut off my running. I'm averaging about 15 miles/wk of forced mileage just to try to stay in shape throughout the holiday season. Speaking of which, I put on about 6 lbs. Not as bad as I thought considering I spent the better part of my vacation eating all my favorite local foods. The scariest part of that was not stepping on the scale since the marathon until 1/1/09.

Anyways, I think I'm back now. And I don't mean blog wise. As I mentioned, I have not felt like running. Today though was the first time I felt an urge to go for a run. I did not, but I was glad to have that feeling. It's the same feeling I used to have almost every day when I was training. And when that juice is flowing, snow and cold won't make a difference. That's a good thing because that's exactly what I'll be dealing with the next three months.

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