Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gotta Get Moving!

It has been a busy last few weeks and couple of months. Spent last weekend with friends in Hyde Park and really enjoyed the CIA inspired local cuisine. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed it so much I've put on another three pounds. Since the NYC marathon, I think I've added about eight pounds. It's time to start getting back into real running shape. Twice a week & less than fifteen miles per week won't do it.

My plan to get back into shape is to do the New Jersey Marathon. I thought it was in late May, but it's actually on the May 2, 2009. That gives me a little more than three months to train. Enough time for a 3:15? I'm really not sure. I just know I need to do something besides eat dessert. The other event I plan on doing is the Queens Biathlon in the last part of May.

Anyways, hopefully I'll stop the talking and get going. I've been staying indoors mostly playing basketball and spinning. But there's nothing like getting out there and hitting the road.

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