Sunday, December 7, 2008

Final 08 Race

Finally finished the last of my races today. I needed to finish one more race to qualify for next year's NYC marathon. Truth be told, I wish I had done the race sooner. It was cold (28F), windy, and I ran on an injured ankle. Next time I'll choose a warmer day, but today, I had no choice. This was my last chance to race this before I leave for Hawaii next week.

I ran at a really relaxed pace of 8:23 - about 45 secs/mile pace slower than my marathon. That was about the extent that I was willing to push. I ran on the bridle path whenever I could during the race to run on a softer path. Once across the finish, I headed straight to the sub station. On my way home, I had a rather embarrassing encounter with the sidewalk. As I stepped out to the street at 50th and 8th, I jogged lightly, tripped and fell on my stomach.

Once home, I had a look at my ankle. I've had a problem with it since a brisk paced run a couple of weeks ago and it has not gotten better. Playing basketball last week aggravated it. To my surprise, there was some swelling and bruising on the inner ankle. Sara and I went walking around in the afternoon and I don't think that helped. What this is forcing me to do, and for which I'm thankful, is that it's forcing me to take time off for healing.

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