Thursday, August 28, 2008

One of my pet peeves about running in NYC...♦

is smoking. I was having a cool-down jog to my apartment, and about a 150 ft. from my apt. door were a couple of guys smoking some weed. When I got past that, some neighbors who were smoking about 25 ft away. I can't do anything about it except to hold my breath, but it just annoys me sometimes when I'm breathing hard and I get a huge intake of second hand smoke of something. That's what I get for training in the heart of the city.

Gripes aside, I decided to do a pace workout around the five mile loop of Central Park. I'm hoping to do a 7:28 pace to come in at about 3:15 to qualify for Boston, and I have to start feeling that pace. In the end, I was overeager and did a 7:06. Here's a link to my workout from my Garmin 405, which is the best recreational GPS device IMHO. But that's another post.

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