Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Character Builder

I dubbed this a character building run because of the rain. Little did I know. The moisture wasn't so bad. The workout itself was. This workout injected a healthy bit of doubt to my psyche.

Warmup - 1.72 mi to start
1 - 3:14
1:44 recovery (.2 mi)
2 - 3:11
1:47 recovery (.21mi)
3 - 3:13
1:43 recovery (.19mi)
4 - 3:10
1:34 recovery (.15mi)
5 - 3:09
1:28 recovery (.16mi
6 - 3:12

I couldn't believe the numbers. All consistently 10s slower than my average effort, and they felt hard! Was it the moisture? The wind? The squats, pull-ups and push-ups yesterday? The long day at work? I did 4x hill repeats last week at ~3:03 and they felt easier. I'm now doubting my goal race in 4 weeks.

As an optimist, I've always liked to "bookmark" my accomplishments. This deserves a bookmark just as much because I'll need to refer to this workout later to remind me that there are bad workouts as well.

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