Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Setting Up New Laptop

WOOHOO! Finally got my new machine. 20" HD screen laptop and 15.3 lbs just for the unit alone. Highly impractical, barely portable, but I think this is the best computer I've owned. I'm done building workstations and doing incremental upgrades. But I digress...this blog is about running. So, while I'm creating recovery discs in the background, back to my NYC marathon training.

Workout today was an easy 5 mile recovery with Sara. I'm hoping to hit a minimum of 55 miles this week, doing 9 on Saturday and about 20-21 Sunday. I should be on pace even if I take Friday off to rest for the Urbanathlon. I'm hoping to do 7:00 min/mile pace, but I'm not sure how the stairs and the obstacles will affect it. There's also a good chance of rain during the race. Still, I think 7 min/mile should be feasible.

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